There are some types of waste that only a professional should handle. The most common type we get asked about is asbestos but there are other dangerous waste types like chemicals and toxic substances. Aspire Environmental can remove and safely dispose of many of these. Please don’t try and handle these yourselves, talk to the experts first.
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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos is present in many buildings and often only dangerous when disturbed. Because it was used in so many products, it can often be hard to detect. We offer asbestos surveys to both domestic and commercial customers. These are undertaken by qualified experts with many years of experience. Whether you are buying a property or about to have renovation works done, we highly advise having a survey from Aspire Environmental Services. This can save you in the long run as removing asbestos once it has been disturbed can be much more difficult.
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Asbestos Removal in London, Herts and the Home Counties

It is not as difficult or expensive to have asbestos removed as you might think, but some unscrupulous builders have been known to bury it on site to save money. Please make sure your builder or contractor is disposing of it properly, otherwise it could be a future potential hazard and disturbed asbestos can be much more difficult to remove. Our qualified experts can remove this waste quickly and safely.
Other Hazardous Waste

We remove a wide range of hazardous waste so whatever you want to remove, we can usually help. We are fully insured and pride ourselves on our safety record. To get your waste removed, call us today on 07725 121609 or our local service for Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire on 01462 620 196.